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Ketubah Texts

Modern Hebrew

and English

*Any Intro Paragraph can be combined with a Main Text
Intro Paragraph

Intro Couple names only 1
Intro Couple names only 2
Intro Couple names only 3
Intro with Parent names 1
Intro with Parent names 2
Intro with Parent names 3

Main Text

Interfaith 1
Interfaith 2
Secular Humanistic
Same Sex


*Your Rabbi's filling out the blanks and approval is required

**Traditionally no English required
Traditional Texts in Aramaic

Orthodox - Rabbinical Council of America
Orthodox - Ashkenazi
Orthodox - Sephardic
Conservative - Rabbinical Assembly
Conservative with Lieberman Clause

Custom Text

You can also provide your own text at no additional cost. We offer translation into or from Hebrew for a fee.

Your own texts

*Make a copy of the document above to type or paste in your own texts.
**For Trilingual Ketubah please provide the translation to your third specific language other than English and Hebrew. 
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