I am booking up custom orders for October and forward. For rush please ask for availability.

Ancestry & Family Trees

Preserve your Heritage in beautifully traced Genealogical lines.

Print or painting, our Trees range in price from $500 to $24000+ depending on the size and amount of names and generations, the complexity of design, the timeframe and degree of crafting techniques.

Offered as 

Print with digital text


Painting with hand calligraphy

Ask for your favorite color palette, or we can find it together. Grown and branched to clearly match your specific family generation and relationships.

With predesigned spots for expecting couples if requested. 

Small to Grand, scaled to your family size and what information you want to include.


Any tree can be gilded with REAL GOLD or SILVER leaf 14-24k, accents applied to prepared areas of its surface,
or the names can be calligraphed in metallic ink. 

Gold and metallic pigments have specific angles from which best reflect light. With some perspectives the look of the text can be duller, thus less legible. It’s a choice.
On occasion I can be persuaded to add custom painted portraits :) We can color code branches, generations, siblings, male-female, or simply make it to a custom aesthetic. 

Order your Family Tree 


Let’s start with a conversation about your desired Family Tree, taking in consideration style and colors, the size which is usually given by the number of names and generations, time and budget. 

Due to their custom nature, make sure you ask about and understand our limited accommodation capacity for the Family Trees. 

Family Tree


The schedule you receive will contain proofing and shipping dates. 

A Digital Proof will be emailed to you upon purchasing. Please review and have your comments ready in a timely fashion. We can go through as many revisions as needed to ensure complete satisfaction. Only upon your final approval we will go into production and shipping.


General expected Turnaround from purchasing to delivery:

3 to 9 months 

For Family Tree orders under 3 months, please ask if we are able to accommodate you on an expedited schedule.
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