I am booking up custom orders for October and forward. For rush please ask for availability.

Custom Ketubah

Entirely custom and handmade, from concept to lettering, painting and crafting. Pick one to start and let’s discuss the basics. 

They range in price from $1000 to $5000 depending on the size and materials involved, the complexity of design, the timeframe and degree of crafting techniques. Anything ad rem to you, any element or symbol you need, we can incorporate into your Ketubah.

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mid century modern waterfall 
waterfall variant
cosmic ray ketubah
tree of life ketubah
gold ring rose garland
weeping willow salix babylonica ketubah
golden ring ketubah
four seasons floral ketubah
greenery wreath ketubah
magic mountain ketubah
gold blue celestial rings ketubah
hamsa mid century modern ketubah
gold ring blue verse ketubah
infinity calligraphy ketubah
Style. I am easy to work with and open to adjust to your requirements if you have a wedding theme for example. We can talk layout and colors, fonts, shape and size, anything basically can be altered to make your unique Ketubah.
You can bring your own ideas or start from one as seen and add your own touch.
floral and vegetal bohemian gilded rings ketubah
greenery twigs ketubah
eucalyptus with love birds ketubah
Sophia Narrett ‘s beautiful roses with my calligraphy 
plain white calligraphy ready for art painting
painting around your ketubah calligraphy
I am open to other artist collaboration, either for making the calligraphy or the artwork around the text.
Your Original Ketubah commission can include any of the following materials and techniques:

- watercolor painting, 
- sumi-e ink, 
- pencil, 
- gouache, 
- tempera,
- lino or woodblock hand pressed printing
simple gold ring with calligraphy
lush greenery garlands ketubah
four seasons entangled trees ketubah
four seasons ketubah with matching wedding guestbook
waterfall mid century modern ketubah
hamsa with flower blossom
Texts:  We have a range of standard texts you can chose from, but you are welcome to bring your own Rabbi approved one. Trilingual ketubot are on the menu. 

Calligraphy: Small or medium scale calligraphy for texts. We will adapt the size of the calligraphy to your Design and Ketubah size, or vice versa. If you fancy the more serif and decorative font style against a more plain one, it will take up more space and the rest of the elements will have to adapt.

Large lettering is a design feature and can be done for titles or your names at the top of the Ketubah.
Hand torn deckled edges - a choice. 
Recommended to be combined with flat shipping and foamboard backing. 
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