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Jennifer and Rafael's wedding day was filled with bright smiles and colors, and we are happy to have been part of their perfect day. 

Jennifer contacted us about our pennants watercolor guestbook, she needed help with making it part of their wedding theme. She knew she wanted a "Mexican Fiesta" theme almost immediately. And since her husband’s mother is from Mexico and he grew up on the border in Brownsville, Jennifer thought it was also very appropriate to display his heritage. She never could have selected a single color for the wedding, this way she was able to use each and every color! 

Bright colors ruled over all, venue, flowers, tableware, embroidered dresses, guests, even donkeys. And so, we took on the challenge of matching the colors of the wonderfully bright bridesmaids' dresses. And what a journey that was...

Here is their Happy Couples' review: "It arrived and it is PERFECT!! Thank you so much!!! We absolutely adore our pennant painting!"

Jennifer planned and organized their wedding day herself, she made the decorations, hand painted the maracas (with the help of a few friends). Thankfully, the groom was a huge help.

Immediately after the ceremony, while the bride and groom took photos, the guests enjoyed cocktail hour and an amazing surprise of which not a single person or family member knew, until the ceremony ended and they walked into the tent. There awaited two donkeys with beer in their side satchels. Jennifer loved donkeys since she was a little girl and so this was easily her favorite part of the wedding.

Our hands-on bride prepared Mexican paper flowers individually wrapped and, during the cocktail hour, pinned them in all the ladies' hair and on the gents' shirts. It was a nice way for everyone to feel included.

The painted maracas were a hit. Everyone danced with them all night long. There was also a photo booth with more fun themed props. "All in all it was the perfect day and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!" said our gorgeous bride.

Thank you Kayla Prasek for taking such wonderful images.
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