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Elena Berlo Artist Stamp

Create your Moments

Painting and Calligraphy for everyone’s Celebration


Elena Berlo is a worldwide destination for couples and families desiring splendid tailor-made ketubah, memento art and ceremonial announcements. Handmade or print, our designs are made to capture the tradition in modern ways, and celebrate your best moments, heirlooms to be displayed as centerpiece in your home for generations.


Ketubot, Blessings, Family Trees
& Celebration Art


Your wedding Ketubah design

It’s an experience when you sign it, a representation of your family foundation when you hang it.
I can help make it perfect for you. Print or Painting.


Celebrate your Familyhood

Small or large family, we can have it covered, to any degree of detail you need.

©Elena Berlo 

© Elena Berlo