I am booking up custom orders for March and forward. For rush please ask for availability. 
Elena Berlo Artist Stamp


These are my Aquarelle, Tempera and Gouace, sometimes underlayed with fine lines of pencil.

See also my Sumi-e ink painting.
Floral and abstract painting, housewarming and decorative. Color coded on request to match your interior and home style. 

Custom Artwork

You can commission one piece or a series of paintings to fit your wall space. 

A bohemian selection of peonies, water lilies, poppies, cherry blossoms, willow trees, eucalyptus,  greenery, olive, trees of life, or anything nature related on request.
On the more abstract, hermeneutic hand: Flowers of Life, pencil and watercolor
and Gentry Birds in collaboration with Genu Berlo, mid century inspired designs translated into a collection of museum quality art prints with pop tones of color; pencil and gouache 


©Elena Berlo 

© Elena Berlo