Modern Custom Ketubah & Watercolour Paintings

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As seen in:

Group Exhibition Vernisaj at Contempora, Friday 9 March 2018
Thanks to Corina Laura Nae @contempora
Collages: monoprint, metallic gold and silver leaf, crayon, coloured pencil, ink, print reproductions of original gouache and watercolour paintings, on paper, wood and craft tubes.
The theme of the exhibition is Post Eden art of living, the project being a collaboration with Genu Berlo. The exhibit is constructing, conceptually and especially emotionally-sensorially, on two well known archetypes, Adam and Eve and The Garden of Eden, Gan Eden גַּן עֵדֶן in Aramaic, Hebrew. At the base there are two flights as I call them: one is the flight from yourself, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the second is the desire to return, or to find yourself, the Garden, and the Tree of Life.
The collages -a map of deeply embedded gene memories brought to surface in form of fantasy and dreams - are using various process and materials from both realms, the natural like wood, fabric, watercolours, oils and paper, symbolizing the return to nature, and synthetic - the inhale of the world, the techno (=man made) world, like plastic, foam, polymers, acrylics, metal and raisins.
From the series:
Recircle of Garden of Eden, collage, A4
Laputa in one complete revolution, collage, A4
Tikkun olam, collage, A4
עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע‬ [Etz ha-daʿat tov wa-raʿ] The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, collage, A4
Restarting of the Garden of Eden, collage, A4
चक्र कल्प Chakra Kalpa, collage, A4
Return to the Land of Youth, collage, A3
A dream in the Garden, collage, A2
The 4 rivers from the Garden, collage on kraft tubes

heritage gilded manuscript - by ElenaBerlo

Making an Original Ketubah Art Commission is a project in itself and it involves many steps, but apart of being in touch with a wonderfully spirited and excited couple and bride, the designing step is always a marvel in itself, and such an enriching experience. It is giving your best and elevating the oil back to light, as some alchemical stories would describe. In any measure, it feels righteous and holy to us, and we can’t stop by putting all our love and attention into it.

Here are some scans of process and variants for flowers for such a Ketubah:

INCLUDED ♥ Design: Flower garlands ♥ Ketubah watercolor painting ♥ Hand calligraphy of your texts ♥ Medium: museum quality cotton paper ♥ Size: Small ♥ Personalization: names, date, location, layout, colours ♥ Sample of paper for testing your favorite ink on

$400.00 - Sold Out

by Elena Berlo


Work time or Way of life? always surrounded by delicate paintings in their studio home! 🌿GOLD FOIL details on the TREE OF LIFE KETUBAH PAINTING. All custom requests are welcome at

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This KETUBAH WATERCOLOR painting, enhanced with real 23k gold leaf accents, is a museum quality art piece made in finest materials and my dedicated love. Bring back the vibes of your wedding day through the image of the tree of life. ♥♥♥♥♥

Visiting Pavel Kiselev & Vladimir Potapov - Nostalgic Future show - at H’Art Gallery

I love this project for the happy couple Lara and Matt, as we had to make a matching ketubah and wedding album enriched with gold leaf accents. You can purchase a similar set here: GOLD KETUBAH AND PAINTED ALBUM MATCHING SET